This band is guaranteed to put a spring in the step, bring a smile to the face and refresh the appetite of even the most jaded musical palette. After extensive touring through Europe and North America in recent years, in 2003 they step forward once more onto the world stage with a new programme and accompanying CD.

Humour and irony, often self-referential, are evidently theirs, without which their music surely could not be genuine. Besides, virtuosity, a firm grounding in classical music studies, love of jazz and knowledge of and respect for different peoples' music are common denominators for the musicians of Gipsy Cimbalom Band. These elements are combined to provide a special musical experience for the listener.

"Kalman Balogh plays the cimbalom, an activity resembling someone spanking a small piano's innards with a pair of elongated shoe horns. If that sounds unwieldy, it's not. The Liszt Academy graduate employs a light virtuosity which, with his group's three fiddlers, one doubling on trumpet, guitar and bass, produces a highly mobile musical Cook's tour. Moldavian, Macedonian, Romanian, and Bulgarian tunes, a hint of tango, flamenco and klezmer all feature alongside a fiddle excursion into birdsong and fingershredding brilliance. Another find. I'm running out of gold stars." Rob Adams, Herald 23rd August, 1999

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