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Név: Bruno Veppo Zanolla
Dátum: 2014-07-08 05:17:26
Üzenet: Hello! I will talk in english, cause i dont speak italian. :) Yesterday, 7 july 2014, i went in a concert of yours and i came home and think... I will download this songs, is f*cking good! but... bad news... it is not for free download, only in itunes... Then i get angry and sad, fucking this band, because that they are not popular, have because this only few shows in us calendar... But i think again and then... i'm graduate in marketing, may i can help them... Look... find a professional social media and put all ur cds for free download! Why? Because i will have it on my mp3, and on my computer, i will send the link of download for my friends, they will know you, and share it... like u2, foo fighters did.... Why? Because u will have a lot of shows in ur calendar.... And another reason is because i am tired of a lot of shit songs in world, like 'eu quero tchu, eu quero tcha, eu quero tchutcha...... ' can you try? Thanks And... have the link or something like that of the yesterday show? Awards, B. Veppo, a brasilian guy and lover musics.
Név: Iza Goral
Dátum: 2013-11-21 17:14:39
Üzenet: Gusztav, your performance of 'Ederlezi' in Lublin... I can not find words... Thank you
Név: Margarite Torres
Dátum: 2009-08-02 17:43:09
Üzenet: Love your sound. I always see you when you play NYC. See you Jan 23rd CSOK/BESITOS